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DRIVEU offers the best solution for your day trip to Oxford from Dorset & Hampshire minibus hire, so if you're looking for a quality and reliable minibus hire with driver service for your day trip to oxford, then look no further, as you're in the right place. 

DRIVEU is a family owned minibus hire company, based in Bournemouth, which is in the middle of both Dorset & Hampshire, covering a 25 mile radius. 

With our many years of service and experience in operating PSV vehicles in the South West, we are perfect if you are a group of over 8 passengers, or less if you have luggage, looking to travel from Dorset and Hampshire to any location in the UK, or you are coming to Dorset or Hampshire from any location in the UK, then contact us now, we can help. 

Whatever your purpose for travel, stag and hen party, birthday party, race meeting, music events, weddings, private travel, business travel and more, we've got it covered.

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We pride ourselves on offering a great quality service at an affordable price and getting you there and back again, in a timely, stress free and safe manner.

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Chris was so professional, friendly and so accommodating.

Positives: Chris was so professional, friendly and so accommodating. Our meal was served 1 hour late and he waited for us with no extra charge. 

I do have no hesitation in recommending This company.

Negatives: NONE

Day Trip to Oxford

Day Trip to Oxford's [fleet of vehicles boasts of only|vehicle fleet offers|minibuses gives you] the [the best in safety and reliability|the highest level of safety and reliability|the best quality in safety and reliability]. We [use only the most trusted manufacturers of minibuses|only use the most trusted manufacturers of minibuses|will only use the most trusted manufacturers of minibuses], [so that we know we have the safest and best possible|so we know we offer the best and safest possible|so that we can only ever offer you the safest and reliable] [vehicles|fleet|minibuses] [all at an affordable price in the town|at a price that is affordable in Poole|at the most cost-effective price in Dorset]. [In addition, we also|We also|Our vehicles also|Our fleet also] have a [number of|several] [extras|optional extras] like air conditioning, Bluetooth stereos, so you can [link up|link up your phone|link up your mobile] and play your own music in most of our vehicles. Adding the vehicles, the vehicle extras, the friendly and sociable driver all together, they will  help to make your journey and your events all the more enjoyable. 

If you are looking for the cheapest day trip to Oxford minibus hire and you're not worried about quality or services and you're happy to travel in maybe old buses and with drivers that may not care as much as you want them too, then fine and just go with the cheapest... But if you are looking for great, well maintained buses, respectful drivers, great service, and all at an affordable price, then we at Day Trip to Oxford are here for you. We have some of the lowest rates in Poole, plus we don't cut corners to offer you a service that may let you down just at the point you need it most. The reality is that you will never find a company that offers you the lowest hire rates and then provide you with the highest level of quality, the laws of business dictates that it can’t happen. We at Day Trip to Oxford offers you a great quailty service at the best possible rates in Poole, we take great pride in being the Oxford day trip minibus hire company that offers one of the most cost effective solutions to your travel needs.

If your group is more than the usual minibus [capacity|group] of 16 passengers, then there are several options to deal with the increased numbers. You have the shuttle bus option for your group, this [works|works well|works really well] if the venue is close-by, this is where the same bus and driver does 2 or more trips back and forth, until the whole group is at the location, once the activity is finished, the bus and driver take the group back in the same way. You can also have two or more buses if the venue is further than say a few miles. If your group is more than 33 or more passengers and the destination is more than a few miles, then we may recommend using a local coach company, we can supply details of these if required.

[Achieving|Building|Having|Maintaining] a good name for minibus hire is [no easy feat| not easy] and we will always make sure we provide the best possible experience to our customers, which we as a company love to do, which is possibly why we have so many 10 out of 10 [testimonials|reviews], we always go the extra mile.

You may find that other companies are often only really interested in the transportation [side of things|aspect], but we at Day Trip to Oxford are far more concerned with your overall travel experience, that is why we take an interest in the journey and activities that you are planning on doing and the events you want to attend while you're in Oxford.