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DriveU Minibus Hire

DRIVEU Minibus Hire was started back in Devon in around 2012 as a side line to an existing business.

After moving to Bournemouth in 2014, the minibus business quickly became our main business and has gone on from strength to strength.

We currently provide regular contracted services for local authorities, local businesses and private hire to local residents and visitors to the local area.

Why Choose DRIVEU

We live and work locally, and use our own vehicles and local drivers with great local knowledge.

We work hard to keep our costs down, but without ever compromising on safety, giving you competitive prices for excellent services.

YOU ARE BOOKING DIRECT. We are the minibus operator and do not charge booking or any other admin fees, booking direct with us often saves you from admin and other fees or commissions that are often applied to bookings by booking agents.

You can book our 8-16 passenger seat minibus hire with driver service.

We offer a meet and greet service, if required.

Use our quote form to get a free, fast and easy quote.

We offer our minibus hire with driver service for any and all occasions. 

Our Pricing Model Is To Be Middle Of The Road.

Trying to be the cheapest. To use the business model of being the cheapest, you need to run the business on the cheap, you need to look at cutting corners, maybe running older vehicles, using cheapest insurance, employ the cheapest drivers paying them pennies, struggling to get and keep the drivers and having a large turnaround of drivers... Using the cheapest  business model, your business will end at some point, plenty have.

Being the most expensive. We also feel being the most expensive, while it would be really nice to drive around in highly priced fancy high spec executive buses, with their fancy emblems, they also come with their high maintenance costs and repair bills, which someone has to pay... Adding it all together the fares will end up beyond most people's budgets, purses or wallets.

The middle ground. Our aim is to be in the middle, where we can provide a great vehicle, fully comprehensively insured, full maintenance agreements, with nothing ever being denied and the drivers being paid the industry standard so they equally offer you and your group a great experience with some good old fashioned quality of service and courtesy to match.

Most of us know you can't buy a five pound note for four pounds, and if you think you can, you'd be wise to check it, because unless the person selling it is a complete fool, my money's on it being a fake.


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"We couldn't ask for better."

Positives: DriveU coped with lousy weather and an awkward route to get us to and from our venue well on time, looking after the various needs of the passengers on the way.

We couldn't ask for better.

If I need another minibus outing, I know just where to come.

Thanks, Chris.


Negatives: NONE